Sunday, 2 February 2014


Madonna has long since been classed as a feminist icon and during the 80's, the singer used her star power and image to comment on the role of women and the way there were treated in society. This is clearly evident in her changing dramatic style, as she becomes a legit A-List star, Madonna used her status to create controversy and shock factor through her highly sexualised appearance. In this way she was commented on female sexuality and places the gaze in the power of women as opposed to men. Madonna's music videos also explored this female power as she played with the role of men and women in society and the gender equality that exists. 
The 1989 video for her song 'Express Yourself" visually explores some of the themes of gender issues that were prevalent and debated in the 1980's. Madonna can be seen were a suit that immediately associates her with a male position of power and her sexualised image, dress and actions can be seen a a defiant subversion of the male gaze and she takes control and welds her body as her own source of power and control. However this is also juxtaposed with the image of Madonna chained up for the sexual gratification and submission to the man, illustrating the contradictory social practises that form the 80's patriarchy. 

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