Saturday, 8 February 2014

Gender issues in the 1980s (Week 4)

The 1980s in America showed a change in gender issues, especially those directly affecting females who were balancing home life and their careers as well as trying to reach the potential for gender equality.

An ongoing survey done by the National Opinion Research Centre asks, "Do you approve or disapprove of a married women earning money in business or industry if she has a husband capable of supporting her?"

The graph clearly shows an increase from 1992 to 1993 but also shows a random spike in approval in 1985 where 86.7% of people surveyed agreed that it was acceptable.

Through research it was possible to find some ways in which this drastic change in attitudes towards gender occurred. The media's representation of women during the 1980s appears to have influenced attitudes toward working women. In particular, the popular magazine among women at the time 'Working Mothers' brought about ways in which women can balance home life and their professional lives in ways that had not been represented before.

This is a link to one of the magazines published in 1986:

The magazine showed articles of ways in which women could take advantage of education and through articles such as, "Surefire ways to wreck your own career" shows a way that women can understand the dos and don'ts of being part of a professional, male dominated work place.

The magazine still exists today and has it's own website dedicated to handling being a working mother.


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