Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Representation Female Identity in the 1980's


"One of the main trends to hit the 80s was power dressing. For women, it meant dramatic shoulder pads and tailored suit jackets and blouses. Women were seeking their own identities outside of the typical female stereotype, and this more masculine style allowed them to assert themselves and helped along the campaign for equal rights in the work place. It was down to popular TV show ‘Dynasty’, first aired in 1981, that really introduced the style into the mainstream, with the actresses all wearing enormous shoulder pads that could rival those of any American footballer. These women were dramatic and powerful, and their suits and broad shoulders portrayed that, whilst their hair, make up and clever use of jewelry allowed them to still appear feminine. This style remained popular throughout the 80s and into the first three years of the nineties."

  • Women concerned with appearance as it could affect their status in the work force
  • Women now had to compete with men and therefore had to dress more like them in order to be taken seriously and have a chance at success
  • A new era for women began during the 1980's and the rise of modern feminism and female power in the work place
  • Business women in the 1980's were trying to break away from the bright neon, tight leotards and leg warmers 'look', made famous by the 1983 film 'Flashdance'.

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