Thursday, 6 February 2014


Dallas piloted in 1978, quickly becoming one of the most popular TV shows to air throughout the 1980's and it also retained it's cult status into the 21st century having recently spawned a reboot that aired in 2012.

Dallas become a symbol of the luxury and wealth that was booming in the 1980's. The shows cast,  well off scandalous Ewing family created enduring story-lines that captured the decadence, wealth and prosperity for the middle classes in America during the 1980's. 

It became a show that represented the fashions and the changing times as TV and the media began to represent a more "realistic" view of American society. Rather than I Love Lucy and other shows that lauded the domestic bliss of American life, soap operas became faster, dirtier and more scandalous, drawing in audiences and becoming a staple of American culture. 

The 'Who Shot JR?' is still to this day one of the most watched TV episodes and signifies the power of shows like Dallas in the 1980's that become major fixtures within American culture. A sign of both the wealth, progression and availability of goods that boomed during the era.

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