Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Mother and Father of The 1980s

Role Swapping

Throughout the early 1900's and before that, the roles of men and women in the household was pretty set in stone - the men would go to work and the women stay at home to clean, cook and raise the children. Though in today's society, we see a very different picture. And it was in the 1980's that we saw this shift in authority and status quo take place. Here, some women began to be defined as 'Supermoms', these were generally the women who were now single mothers and were forced to take up a job as well as being a mother. However, there were many occasions where even married women with children would take up careers too. And for the men, some where starting to become stay at home dads and often would take up the role of the wife as a whole whilst the woman went to work. On the less family side of things, some women would even become CEO's of companies that they had either joined or built on their own. This kind of shift in authority in both the household and the workplace is a major step in equality, though the women would be paid considerably less in comparison to
the men. And although the numbers wouldn't be too different in today's world, a female CEO of a company would still be paid less than if she were a man. I suppose it runs along with the idea of women still being just for procreation. Many women today choose a career over a family, but they are still stuck with this stereotype that they will eventually get pregnant and that will put a large crack in their career prospects. 

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