Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Buggles and Katy Perry

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star and Katy Perry - Dark Horse

Both The Buggles and Katy Perry say a lot about the time in which they were produced not only in so much that they represent the genres of music prevalent but also because they indicate the cultural context of each songs production. 

The Buggles song is more overt in it's presentation of it's era, its own title 'Video Killed the Radio Star' illustrates a sense of cultural description as it alludes to the technological progression that was occurring. The song and it's accompanying video than are crucial in conveying the 1980's as a time of transition. There was a generational divide, a divide that brought about the MTV era during the 1980's. The video explores this sense of progression, visually portraying a detachment from the older generations and the way of life and values they stand for. An old fashioned TV set explodes, a young girl transforms into a sexualised futuristic woman. All of this works together to illustrate of sense of changing times as the 1980's began and brought with it a change in society and cultural values.

Katy Perry's most recent video 'Dark Horse' is not as overt as The Buggles, ut it is none the less key in illustrating the state of the music industry today. MTV in it's 1980's guise may not still be relevant today but that has not taken away the importance of the music video. Increasingly the visually aspect to the music industry has become more and more important,  lot of money is poured into music videos and artists no longer stick within one industry. The themes of the video itself might not be about the state and importance of the music video but nonetheless is tells the audience a great deal. New videos now are hyped and promo-ed, they have teaser trailers and clips released to build anticipation, much like a feature length film. Great emphasis is put of storytelling, design and effects and the videos themselves are meant to be much more than just fodder for the music channels.

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