Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Yuppie Handbook 1980s

"The Yuppie Handbook," was published on the 1st of January 1984, which makes it prominent to what was happening within the 80's. It's by Marissa Piesman and MArliee Hartley. The book "Provides a satirical view of the life styles of well- educated affluent young people, who try to have all the best possessions."

The front cover of "The Yuppie Handbook" represents  role and representation of a Yuppie. For instance the cover portrays the role of a Yuppie ring young  middle class professionals. Who works in the city and lives a very lavishness lifestyle.

The representation of yuppies shown within this handbook and images above, not only represents a guideline for individuals within the 1980's or contemporary America today. But also represents an image a identity of what a yuppie entails. For instance the young man and female is wearing clothes that fits within their social status, as the role of yuppies includes being within a middle class profession. Looking at the details within the male outfit, portrays very luxury brans items, such as a trench coach with  Burberry patterns, a Rolex on his wrists a Gucci briefcase. However the women has on a formal suit by Ralph Lauren, a Cartier tank watch, coach bag and a Sony Walk-man headset.

What so interesting about this cover and the representation of a yuppie is the lines pointing to the items, labelling the information of where these items are purchased, in which is deemed to be very luxury expensive brands, the information provides to the readers of the book, why yuppies choose these certain clothes and it is important to make this known to others. It's evident that the brands yuppies wear plays a role within a yuppie identify and outfit

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