Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ronald Reagan: inspiring a generation of punk

The picture above is from the website the caption below it reads 'Classic 80s theme updated for 2011 & Reagan’s 100th birthday. Juvenile, but effective'
Having already confessed in our last meeting that I know little about the 1980's, my knowledge of Ronald Reagan is unfortunately not much better! I understand this mans name immediately creates controversy but I was unaware this was because of his tax cuts for the rich and yet tax rises for the middle class. This president tripled the national debt and effectively made the rich richer and strengthened the class divide. When I googled the phrase 'Reagan hatred' the first website to appear was entitled "fuck Ronald Reagan" › Discuss.
I discovered how Reagan's presidency inspired punk bands such as D.O.A to write songs such as 'fucked up Ronnie'. This song I found on a blog called 'hey Ronnie! 10 best punks songs about Ronald Reagan'  This site and several others describe Reagan as 'the best punk icon of the 80s'. 

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