Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Newsweek - The year of the yuppie

In 1984 Newsweek magazine used 'the year of the yuppie' as their cover page and included a 2 page article about the representations of yuppies during the 1980s.

The representation of the yuppie highlighted in this magazine suggests that the young professionals and their lives are aspirational. The illustration of the front cover suggests an element of anybody can become a yuppie by following certain steps and developing particular qualities.

The fact that Newsweek has pages dedicated to yuppies shows how important this year was. Almost half way through the 80s yuppies seemed to be taking over and were noticable in American society.

Although it may not necessarily show yuppies in a completely positive light by being able to criticise elements of their lifestyle it still presents what it is to be a yuppie and how influential this group has become in society. 

This magazine using this theme links to a book which was published in the same year called 'The Yuppie Handbook: The state-of-the-art Manual for Young Urban Professionals'. The book basically shows how people can become yuppies and how this lifestyle is looked up to during the 1980s.

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