Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Reagan Hated

http://www.examiner.com/article/8-reasons-why-ronald-reagan-was-the-worst-president-of-our-lifetime  Through looking at variety of examples of Ronald Reagan hagiography or Regan hatred. I came across an online website called "Examiner.com" Displayed an article called "10 Reasons Why Ronald Reagan was the worst president of our lifetime."  Published on December 3rd 2011. Evidently indicating it's a contemporary source. The article presents a hatred tone, towards Past president Ronald Reagan of the 1980s. Notably through the nature of the article, indicating a long- lasting hatred that still exists today. Through pin pointing examples he had made within his time in office and leadership within america that made him an unsuccessful hated president to majority of Americans. 

The ten reason are:
 - Reagan cut taxes for the rich, increased taxes on the middle class.
- Tripling  The National Debt 
- Iran/ contra
- Reagan Funded Terrorists 
- Unemployment issues
- Ignoring AIDS
- Regan gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants
- His attacks on unions and the middle class.
- Reagan raided  the social security trust fund
- and Endless worship and never Ending Praise. 

The article could be seemed as biased, taken into consideration that it is published within the Democratic political news section. In other words this article could be seen as an outline of Democrats  hatred of Reagan  decisions, that was within beneficial of people who supported conservative party and were rich. As they clearly stated within the beginning of the article that 

" If you ever happen to come across a Republican on television these days, chances are that you will hear the name Ronald Reagan. Recent Republican debates are the perfect example of the love fest that the current Republican party has for Reagan as each candidate name drops the former president at every turn. If you only listened to conservatives you would think that Jesus Christ was the only person above Reagan on the totem pole of conservative love. They talk about his love of low taxes, less government and conservative family values" 

http://www.salon.com/2010/08/13/reagan_hagiography_week/ :  But then reading an article by political writer Steve Kornacki, who is in favour of Republican Party, writes an article about Reagan Hagiography that was published in August 2010, explaining that " Reagan was just as un popular in 1982 as Obama Is in 2010." His argument went along the lines that if you want to continue blaming Reagan for human  mistakes he made as president  for example  " the arms-for-hostages trade, the Iran-Contra affair, nearly wrecked his presidency. But he recovered, the nation rallied around him and carried him across the finish line, his bond with the electorate deep and true." that Obama should be be held responsible as much as Reagan was as Obama " some magical political super-being who was immune to sagging public confidence, poor midterm election prospects, and intraparty dissent and second-guessing that Obama is now faced with." 

However his post is also biased and could be seen as a rebellion to the morals and views he valued and think should be applied to Americans that Obama and democrats has changed e.g Obama taxing the rich more, and decreasing the amount of tax working class Americans pay. Which in modern society is seems as a complete opposite to what Reagan had put into process within the 1980s.

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