Wednesday, 15 January 2014

1980s | Seinfeld

 During a period of fear and debate between capitalism and communism the television show Seinfeld aired in 1989  provided comedic relief for all.The comedy is known to be "A show about nothing" through being showed as a group than as individuals. It features characters  of Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comedian, his ex-girlfriend Elaine, his best friend George, and his next-door neighbour Kramer and . depicts life in Manhattan through the quirky interaction of offbeat characters.
"The genius of the Senfield is that every one of the main four characters have so much depth and personality that you can see yourself in a little of each of them, thus humanizing the show and making it so relate able even after being off the air for over 14 years." 

In the "Soup Nazi" episode a new soup store open in the neighbourhood. The soups that they serve are undoubtedly the best in New York but the soup owner has a precise ordering protocol..

What makes Seinfeld iconic of the 1980s? The idea that TV guide ranked this NBC smash comedy hit " show about nothing" the greatest television of all time or that Americans viewed  and voted this show as the most entertaining or influential television series in American pop Culture. Or the fact that its a classic which provided humorous scenes  in which are often imitated by future TV shows. Or is it the competition other shows like Simpsons felt was a competitor.

5 Reasons Why Seinfeld Is The Greatest Show of all time?                                                                 
My friend from Alfred, NY said that it was very popularise show within the 80's, in his words " How can you not no about this show, what world do you live in its so funny...I guarantee your parents or grandparents will know."

- Celebrity Sightings: Seinfeld was filled with celebrities making guest appearances one in particular Bryan Cranston who played jerry and Kramer's dentist.  

- Frank and Estelle Constanza: Audience found exciting watching a husband and wife fight.

- Relationships: The entire show centres around relationships. 

- Larry David: Who George Constanza based of, without Larry David there is NO SHOW. 

- Jerry Seinfeld: The glue and Anchor of the show, known as the voice of reason. 

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  1. But do you think a programme that ran for ten years, but only the first six months of which was in the 1980s (it began July 1989) can really be said to be representative of the 1980s? It's an interesting debating point