Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan Hatred.

Whilst searching for an example of Reagan hatred or hagiography, I found it difficult to locate one that allowed me to see through the bias and better understand the issue of Reagan devotion vs loathing. Reagan's presidency and his actions violently divide opinion and to either uncensored vitriol or blind dedication. I chose this website as whilst it is undoubtedly anti-Reagan and biased in it's viewpoints it nether the less gives clear categories and evidence (though I don't know if their points are actually valid) to support their personal hatred of Reagan and his polices. 

The example I selected was written in 2011 over 20 years of Reagan's presidency. There is no evidence to suggest that the author was alive or old enough to understand the events as they happened, consequently the argument presented has a hindsight base for it's debate. The author operates after the fact but uses the current loyalty displayed by the Republic party to illustrate the other contemporary side of the Reagan argument. The level of hatred portrayed further illustrates just how relevant Reagan was to American culture, for better or worse. 

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